Malmesbury Medium / Maximum Security Prison

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Malmesbury Medium / Maximum Security Prison


  • Department of Correctional Services


  • Malmesbury, Western Cape Province, South Africa

 Year Completed

  • 1997

Scope of Services

  • Writing of the Performance Specification of the Integrated Security System
  • Evaluation of Tenders
  • Supervision of Construction

Key Factors

  • First “Direct-Indirect Supervision Prison” in South Africa
  • Integrated Security System

Secelec was responsible for the writing of the performance specification, the evaluation of tenders and the supervision of the installation of the integrated security system for the first direct-indirect supervision and the second new generation type prison in South Africalocated in Malmesbury in the Western Cape.

The capacity of the prison is 1350 (710 medium security male inmates and 640 maximum security male inmates).  The prison comprises 11 housing units and one Cooks housing unit. ten housing unit houses for 128 inmates each and one housing units for 66 inmates. Apart from the housing units, it also comprise of the following units Admission, Visitation, Hospital, Counseling, kitchen, General stores, work shops, class rooms and an Administration section. All the doors, cameras, officer event log, intercom and public address sub systems in the facility are controlled by an Intelligent Distributed Electronic Addressable System which integrates all the sub systems into an integrated security system. The movement of the doors is achieved by a pneumatic system.