Louis Trichard Maximum Security Prison

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Louis Trichard Maximum Security Prison


  • CGM for Wachenhut


  • Louis Trichardt, Northern Province,  South Africa

Year Completed

  • 2002

Scope of Services

  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Supervision of construction
  • Security consultants

Key Factors

  • Privately operated prison
  • IDEAS electronic control system

Secelec was appointed in July 2000 by CGM Contractors to Wachenhut and asked to perform the security system evaluation, project management of the security system installation as well as to act as security consultant for the design, built and operate type prison in South Africa located in Louis Trichardt.

The capacity of the prison is 3000 inmates.  The prison comprises 3 separate prisons that are operated as one prison facility. Each prison is broken down in 3 housing blocks, each with 4 housing areas. There are further one housing block consisting of three housing units for inmates requiring special treatment. Apart from the housing units, it also comprised the following units Admission, Visitation, Hospital, Counseling, kitchen, General stores, Workshops and an Administration section.  Movement of the doors is achieved by a pneumatic system.

The facility also has two galvanized security perimeter fences around it, which are 2.4 km in length.  The fences are spaced 6 meters apart with a camera placed every 50 meters and are monitored by means of a taught wire and short circuit detection system.